Wheke in a few words

Find, discover

Instantly find what you're looking for:

  • in the library catalog
  • in your portal content
  • in external content

With Wheke, your users will find what they need !

The search is very easy, you'll be able to refine, sort, filter, rebound. Wheke, it's a guarantee that you'll never get silence when you search for something.

Wheke is the unique entry point for all your searches.

With federated search and discovery database, your patrons will search, in one form, many sources. Internal and external.


Make your catalogue accessible, and also share:

  • digital content (images, sounds, movies)
  • your news
  • your favorites, your reviews, your bibliographic lists, a list of books to read this quarter

All what gives your work an added value.

In a few clics, share what is important, and promote it. You patrons can subscribe to various information threads.

In one word: become the hub of documentation/information seeking !


With Wheke, your patrons will also be able to exchange information with you of between them.

They can

  • Look at their library account
  • Place a hold

but also:

  • register to events organized by the library
  • Comment any resource
  • Rank and vote on any resource
  • Create their own blog, including digital content if you want
  • Share on social networks

And there's more

  • Wheke is easy and nice to use daily, for your patrons, but also for your librarians. No technical skill is required to add content, everything is done with a mouse, basic selections, drag and drop, and validations.
  • Wheke is modular: Thousands of Drupal modules are developed by the community. We select the best suited for librarians, and add them in "Wheke distribution"
  • Wheke is an Open Source software: Wheke is a "Drupal distribution", famous content management software. The stability and sustainability of Wheke is guaranteed, and you can choose an hosting or support company freely (or you can do it yourself)