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The wheke team contributed some others modules to community. This page intends to give an overview.

(documentation in progress)



Koha Connector

Flag Cart

  • Flag cart extends Flag. It allows to create block with cart icons that are automatically updated when content is flagged
  • more details on d.o

Pz Search

  • PZ search is a Drupal integration for Pazpar2 metasearch solution. It is inspired by the very good mkdru module but is intended to provide an advanced search form.
  • more details on d.o

Search API extended filters

  • Search API views integration module provides a fulltext search filter allowing to search content by querying some fulltext indexed fileds. This module add a dropdown to choose on which field process the query.
  • more details on d.o

Search API multi aggregate

  • This module is useful when you want to aggregate fields and index the new field as string (for faceting for example). This module provides a data alteration callback for Search API very similar to 'Aggregate Fields', but instead of reducing fields values into a single value, it keeps fields values "as is" so they are indexed into multi-valued indexes.
  • more details on d.o

Search History API

  • This module provides an API to save searches from several search module. Modules that need to save searches can implements this in the right place:
  • more details on d.o

Search API History Views

Simple Search

  • This module provides a simple search block. It is different from the default D7 search block because it allows to set where and how to perform and redirect a search in a block.
  • more details on d.o

Simple Search Taxonomy Options

  • This module is a plugin of simplesearch module. It allows to add an additional dropdown list in a simplesearch block which is filled out with terms of a given vocabulary. A default value could be set depending if the user chose the same term or depending his ip address.
  • more details on d.o

VBO Browse

  • VBO Browse allow you to pick entities in a view and browse them with First/Previous/Next/Last links in a block.
  • more details on d.o

VBO Search API

  • VBO Search API allows to integrate VBO in a views using search API index. Be careful, it works only for nodes index. This is a temporary module until VBO become a backend-agnostic Views field (#1334374: Re-use generic entity views table). The current working code was first posted by drewish in #1123454: Integration with views bulk operations (vbo).
  • more details on d.o

Others repositories related to Wheke distribution

Wheke responsive theme





Others patches and contributions on d.o

We submitted patches to projects when we are not maintainers. If you want to know more, search jajm, alex arnaud, claire hernandez or veggiematts in d.o issue queues.